Recovery Of RAF Images

RAF Recovery

When you are using any digital device for clicking photos, it is quite obvious that you are likely to lose your photos due to some unfavorable situations, it may or may not be your fault. RAF is another file format of FujiFilm cameras and when you lose RAF images, you can recover it using RAF recovery.

What is RAF file?

RAF is an image file format of FujiFilm digital camera RAW images and RAW images are stored with .raf extension. RAF is an uncompressed, raw photo image file which is created by FujiFilm cameras. This image format is supported by image-processing software of FujiFilm and also by other popular image processing programs such as Photoshop and Light room. Interestingly, RAF file format can be converted into other common file types such as TIFF and JPEG with the hep of aforementioned image editing software.

RAF recovery is most efficient program for photos and video file recovery. It enables recovery of photos and videos from all kinds of storage device like digital cameras, flash USB drives, camcorders, memory cards including microSD, miniSD card, etc. All important pictures and audio can be easily retrieved lost because of several reasons like accidental deletion, formatted memory card, etc. It performs well in recovery operation and supports a large range of media file formats as well. This recovery software is well specialized in retrieving photos from the FujiFilm cameras.

RAF File Deletion or Corruption Scenarios

Since professional cameras or good quality cameras producing best quality images means a lot to its users and is very special for them. Photo lost from either memory card or camera or computer in any way would be of great concern to camera users. Here are some scenarios listed below telling the reason of photo loss.

  • Human errors : One of the common reasons how RAF images get deleted or lost is accidental deletion from external USB drive, memory card, digital camera where users reluctantly press ‘delete all” option instead of “delete” while previewing them or deleting unwanted photos.
  • Format error : “Disk needs to be formatted” message prompts soon you connect your digital camera to PC. And if you choose to format, this will format the entire camera and data get lost or deleted permanently.
  • Mishandling of memory card : Ejecting the memory card when camera is in use or without switching off the camera also results in RAF photo loss from FujiFilm camera.
  • Transfer error : While transferring photos from camera into the pc or laptop, if any interruption like sudden power surge occurs then photo can be lost.
  • Virus attack : Possibility is that FujiFilm camera or its SD card is infected with virus after which virus corrupt RAF images stored on the card.
  • FujiFilm gets power off when you are trying to produce RAW RAF image and on switching I t on you may find that images are corrupted.

RAF Recovery Software

Practically, if you are using a digital camera like FujiFilm then you may come across photo loss situation where you may lose your precious photos from the digital camera. Despite of this condition, RAF recovery can recover deleted photos from FujiFilm camera. It is a simple yet effective software with easy graphical interface so that user with zero technical knowledge can use it. Also, this recovery software auto-refreshes the list of  attached storage devices so as to insert the device anytime and perform recovery.

Unique Features of RAF Recovery Software

  • It has improved functionalities for the recovery of photo, audio and video.
  • RAF Recovery Software facilitates recovery from damaged, corrupted, inaccessible SD cards for lost photos and media.
  • You can create image of selected media whichever you want, to save remaining data stored on good sectors.
  • It allows you to save scan information and resume scan process at later stage and also can stop scanning process at any time.
  • This software enables you to add new file type in the list of existing file type or edit any file type manually or automatically.
  • You can recover your data from a particular region on the hard disk drive or volume.
  • You can also preview the list of files that are recovered before saving them all.
  • It has customized options in it to facilitate easy recovery.
  • RAF Recovery Software supports improved scanning engine to ensure quick scanning and recovery of deleted or lost files.
  • The recovery software supports Unicode file recovery as well.

How To Recover RAF Images Using RAF Recovery

Recovery Steps : Windows

  • Click on ‘Recover Photos, Audio & Video’ option.

  • Select the desired media or storage device.

  • Select the specified file format from ‘Advanced Settings’ and then click Scan Now button.

  • The software begins scanning process after searching for all the files from the selected drive.

  • Here, the files are listed that are found in the media after scanning.

  • Icon view of the scanned files are listed in the scan list. You can change the view according to your wish.
  • Click on Recover button.

Compatible With Other Versions Of Windows OS such as :-

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

Recovery Steps : Mac OS

  • Click on ‘Recover Photo, Audio &Video’ button.

  • All the attached media are listed, select the required drive then click on ‘Scan Now’ button.

  • The software will search for deleted or lost media files showing scanning in progress.

  • All the files after scanning are listed. Click on ‘Recover’ button to recover the files.

Compatible With Other Versions Of Mac OS such as :-

  • MacOS Sierra 10.12
  • MacOS Sierra 10.11
  • MacOS Sierra 10.10
  • MacOS Sierra 10.9
  • MacOS Sierra 10.8
  • MacOS Sierra 10.7
  • MacOS Sierra 10.6